postsql  founder

address relational failures

13 rules relational databases, so  a long history


logical  ER no relationship to user model??


what is stored is an extraction of the data

relational does not have to slow is the presenters them right now.  implementation choice makes it fast slow


data inmemory  good speed but loose state (what is the data?)

all engineering is compromise

in memory  lockless  relational acid transaction sql

how fast memory over disk,    plenty more  (hard to tie down)  10,000 but hard to measures, little more expensive

Durability  ram  UPS  makes ram more durable  make multiple copies.  How long?  Through money at it.  memory copies


lockless    ie take out logging  (but logging was put in make faster!!)

logic of query given upfront then the database forms as an optimal entity to max speed / queries

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