unconference magic continues #blc8

I participated at barcampLondon8 at the weekend.  A unconference format of event that uses open space techniques to allow a community to self form and to collectively learn and thus enable individual to self learn.  An unconference does not make much sense to most new to the concept but here is its magic:  with no specific planning, I attended a series of sessions that were on topics that I currently have a big need to learn and solve problems around.  I had no idea who was turning up or that those topics would put forward before I turned up.  But they did and guess what, this sort of experiences happens every time I attend such events.  Talking to others, this seems to be a shared outcome.

I lead a session on the LifestyleLinking open source project and I participated in session on  bee keeping,  beginners guide to jQuery, future of barcampLondon, DIY living sustainable, what is the semantic web?, Tiddly wiki, open source charting app, future of HTML ,HTTP what is 200 call 401 etc, Agile development, how to start and contribute to an open source project, crowding sourcing and school IT education.  Not forgetting informal chats on  Monty Hall problem, that was at 5am Sunday morning.  Probably a term of University education in a weekend.  Thank you to all barcampers for making the event the magic it was.

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