Whuffie, the new bark

Capitalism is often described as a dog eat dog world.  Well, capitalism there is a new bark in town, Whuffie.  One of the earliest blogs I read is titled, HorsePigCow. It is the blog of Tara Hunt and this year she has published a book titled, The Whuffie Factor.  I’ve not read it yet but I will.  Why?  If I were to name one person in the world to explain why web2.0 and social networks are not just mere buzz words but a state of natural evolution in society’s ability to communicate and share, then Tara would be that person.  As for the word Whuffie, it comes from a book called, Down and out in the magic kingdom, by Cory Doctorow.  In this novel Whuffie is the currency used by humans to make decisions on how trustworthy other people are and how to give our attention.  Tara has a set of slides that explain Whuffie much better. .  . .