Heather Dale Garden Design – Aberdeenshire

I helped co-create a new website, Heather Dale Garden Design, hdgardendesign.co.uk last month.  As the name suggests it is a garden design website where Heather provides examples of her work.  The current two projects profiled are the revamp of a Granite Town House and a more extensive overhaul of a End Terrace Garden including a new green house.  Heather documents more of her garden activities via her Facebook Page.  Looks like it is vegetable sowing season at the moment.  Feedback on the site is welcomed and you can do that via the contact page.

Good Local Food

I have knocked up this site, local good food to put together some of the new coding skills I have acquired.  The site allows you to find local food in Grampain Region, in Scotland.

Improvements, the drop down list to select market, could do with one the allows to search all of Grampain.

The sql query is pretty primitive and will need improved.

All in all with a few more products added, this service is taking shape.