Open source as a service

I think I am all set to opensource the code I have been writing for 2 year now.  But I have discovered a snag, two major ones, the code base including supporting api libraries takes over 4 hours to ftp upload and the second is the time it takes to prepare is just about a full time job, or was becoming so.  Plus I listened to Stephen Wolfram talk about his open sourcing experiences, the time and complexity required and his shocking conclusion, in the end just about no one looked at the code.  Why?  It was simply too complex.  I feel I am heading in that direction.  Time for a rethink?

Not on open sourcing but on how to do it.  Opensource as a service is my thinking, giving access to a test site that exposes the ‘new’ code amongst the api libraries.  Opendata is the trump card and not only that but links back to the supporting ‘meaning’ behind the data, e.g. semantic lifestyle object word list, averages, statistics, language rules, lifestyle rules etc.  I don’t have this ready to open up but I now know where to direct my opensourcing efforts.  Create this opensource environment them hopefully the wider openstack developer community will start to engage with the code, and ultimately, open data flow available to all users freeing them to use their data as they choose.