phpnw12 keynote

Open keynote 2012 conference empathy for API developer users user personas in api very good apis in the world.  Motivate engagement, e.g. python rss  reader library.

MightyMeetup Aberdeen Mobile

mightymeetup mobile talks

history of smartphones IBM1992

Andrew Sage mobile phone apps

Navigation base or view based e.g. game

Development process:

Design -> prototype -> client testing -> Wider beta testing ->

Andrew, start iphone and ports to Andriod,   some code changes but nothing major

rebuild UI   business logic

Development environment   13 Macbook Air.  all Xcode library

Bruce talk:

andry birds    100k  cost  1m dollar revenue   in game ads  and outside.

main revenue from ads but also from app store.

Tera – Wurfl    php  release of WURFL

XML library wurfl

105$ bn  market SMS  entry  e.g. xfactor

Africa   airtime    like banking  all done via SMS  free book    by Cameron