function coder to a class coder

The first lines of code I wrote we all sequentially written, you read about functions and after functions you come to OOP, Object Orientated Programming ie. Classes.  Each step along the way it seems so hard to evolve but when you get the hang of functions and their properties, you can not imagine how you managed to code with out them.   Most of my code is grouped into functions and have files that group many functions together.  I guess instead of files I could be using classes now?   I read that class are a good way of spawning multiple occasions of the same bit of code but for different data inputs.  Again like moving to functions, there are a whole new set of properties to understand about writing Classes.  Each class instant is called an Object (straight for the text book speak).  The code quickly looses that familiar look but with that we get many new benefits, technical and maintenance and I expect with time this will all look ‘normal’ again.

It is not that I do not  use many classes right now but these are mainly opensource files I have imported.  Creating my classes is the new frontier.