Personalized products/websites

Here are a list of my favorite personalization websites:

CrushPadWine Online community create wine, soil, plant to bottling and selling.

mymuesli order your breakfast cereal with the ingredients you select.

The label of your own whisky, BrandedWhisky.

T shirts, lots to choose from to   others.

Tables etc.  with

These service give the individual the ability to create personalized products.  What lifestyle linking would provide the individuals in these services with is the information to make decision that maximise the life outcomes.  For example: which wine would I like the best or make me relax best?  Which muesli is best before going swimming?  Which whisky label makes my gift most treasured?  What T-shirt, how will the fabric effect my skin?   What height of table will best match my mobilty?

Only a community will have the information to these questions.  As we individually don’t have enough time to live through all the potential options.

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