Personalized products

This UI, contains a list of the account holders personalized products in the context of swimming.

The personalization product could be for:

energybar:  swimmer may require different type of energy depending on before, after(recovery) competition day, time of year, type of training, general health status.

energy drink:  similar to above.

shampoo:  dna gives hair dryness etc.  lots of swimming give chemical pollution, cholrine to break down.  Need one that does both with out compromising on performance of product or damage hair.

breakfast cereal:  before training, over all sustained energy release.

swimming googles:  weathe I am training indoor or out, eye sight quality, competion seamline or training comfort, stay on when diving in etc.

Organic juices:  which ones to drink while swimming or after to soak up freeradicals?

Wash powder: specialized for swimming trunks etc. and to help remove chlorine from towls or to help towel remove chlorine while drying etc.

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