PCF Personalized Content Framework

CMS is one of the best know terms in information technology.  C – content M- management S – system.

But what is its opposite?  I thought that was going to be the question to explore in this posts (I will take a stab as suggesting a new term for its opposite) but the core of what I was thinking was about how most of the energy put into content management systems are on the authoring side.  The input of text, formatting, yes, tools to select design themes or set rules for consumers of the content to interact with it (usually in a limited manner).  I think this holds for WordPress, Drupal, Enterprise CMS, or websites, Facebook to Twitter.  The clearest distinction I want to make is that the primary content displayed or presented within these systems is that authored by the CMS system.  Naturally, the CMS system gives the author or publisher of the content complete control over this information (given the abilities of the CMS) and for sure, plug-in platforms or third party input data feed help to free up and give some flexibility on what is presented.  However, I expect a CMS publisher allow none of their content to be viewed would soft of be an illogic to purse.  I propose the need for the same energy and creativity to be put into the display and presentation of content, that is content authored from anywhere on the web.  I call this:

PCF P- Personalized C-content F-framework.

What is a Personalized Content Framework?

A.  A tool solely focused on the presentation of information from any source on the web.  Total flexibility on the presentation UI, UX or device, with a control panel to setup and control information streams and display flows, and a personalization engine(s) to filter and share information between any information stream coming into the framework (again independent of the publishers of the source data).  Open source, open standards based.

Why call it a framework, rather then a system or platform?

A. A Framework is a place where platforms can live together and the word system suggest a single environment, if you like that could work if you interpret the word system to equal the Internet.

Search engines, new aggregator sites all hold to this vision already.  They present other peoples content, is the order its presented that produces value.

Such a PCF could also establish ‘economic’ rules over the content streaming and flowing through e.g. like the data  holding its some ‘Rights’ that each author wants to attach to it.   All though I personally think openness combined with transparency produces the best trust framework.

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