WP plugs in’s

The Sphere plug-in install was straight forward and is working, excellent.

I see two WP and other blog/social network plugs-ins, one for the individual, and one for a business. The truth is, in a world of peer production the distinction between the two dissolve. The individuals plug-in will take this functionality to the individuals blog. More on these plug in later when my coding skills are up to that.

Sphere plug in

I have added the sphere plug in to this blog.  What does that do?  For a start your blog post needs to be greater than thirty words before it will work, thus the reason for this post.  The Sphere service will ‘read’ what I have written and if you click on the sphere icon located at the bottom of this posting it will show links to other blogs that are of interest to the one I have written.

A use might be, I could write a blog post on how to customise a wordpress theme and get links to blogger that have blogged about that?

Lets see if it is working.  . . .