linked data aberdeen notes

Into. Jeff

dot.rural  user led use of linked data to improve rural world, culture and travel, resources and nature

eu semantic web project

Peter Winstanley talk

Siloed application – not link app – public web,  poorly formed urls uri

Solution integrate all url to ones that work

types of govt data staff dir, bus plans, question, elect. document system.

1. tidy urls example

2 full cycle of creating rdf to querying via lucene engine and tripple store.

axel rushmyer  tool used  (german)

railfinder tool of connection

social network view of just read,  and read and write.

lucene indexing,   useful  fuzz searching

talk 2

mostproject  emit   aberdeen linked data

terminology – example

turn explict knowledge to tacit knowledge done in a ‘light way’

implicit data is the volume of area below an iceberg  analogy

#SLOD  irc  4pm friday

google groups

govt. linked data website for scotland


Richard   HMO document records  cabinet

data mining document to high e.g. people, locations and then producing linked data links e.g. glasgow to OS maps

text mining gate  will they be open source   yes 2/3  but  …

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