Lifestyle linking Personalization

Individuals that use lifestyle linking are choosing to do so improve their lifestyle choices and life outcomes. Those are the goals.

Individuals with the power of lifestyle linking can find and create communities that provide the answers to the lifestyle choices and life outcomes questions. Given we have the answers we need to do something with them, in this case create a personalized product.

Energy Bar example:

This is the second most important user interface to be developed. It needs to allow an individual to create all the things that need to happen to deliver a personalized product to their door ready for consumption. What all needs to be managed?

Creation and management of the Product, Community and Businesses.

The Product:What ingredients to how made, these user interfaces are used (nb. the business author these too) and the lifestyle linking will suggest the ingredients to use, packing, size, even processes, etc.

The Community: Initially, it is unlikely that all business will be able to create a one of product run (that will be the norm real soon) so their may be minimum order levels to reach. This UI allows individuals to opt in to support your personalized product as it is a close match to their own needs. The price will allow be dymanic as ‘communities’ of scale reduce the average cost per bar.

The community of individuals will not reside in one social network or website.  So, the individual needs the tools to create social apps./widgets they can use.

The Businesses: The individual needs to use the supply chain abilities of many businesses. The individual needs to be able to know what business are capable of fullfilling their requirement and physical location may also be a factor given the type of product/green concerns etc. Delivery of the personalized product may be different from the business doing the manufacturing.

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