lifestyle linking & importance

As indicated in an earlier blog posting describing the lifestyle linking table columns, importance is at the heart of the service.

Lets take a look at the account holder, aboynejames swimming-energy bar importance:

Importance is this instance is presented in a chart form where the account holder has selected to chart three core importance context-es:

‘me’: the account holder

swimming community: all those lifestyle linking has suggest are linked.

All in the community: all those participating in lifestyle linking.

What is this chart saying?

Well, it is a story of time.  To the swimming community, this energy bar is always very important. While to the whole community, its not so important but give wellbeing/health is become of greater importance to the main stream we see this shown up in the gradual up swing in that chart line.  That leaves, the account holder or ‘me’ line on the chart.  This is my personal story and it varies a lot in importance?  Why?  For long periods of time I do not swim or train at a completitive leves but at other times, I am training really hard and for sustain periods of time.  Thus this products importance fluctuates.  Its not to say, I don’t eat and energy bar, its just that the personalized characteristics won’t be the same at all times.  Infact, even when I am training, before or after training the ingredients of the bar may change.  And guess what, while I am swimming, their are lots of other things going on in my life that need to be taken into account.

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