Discover information of value & wrap it to go anywhere

I often feel like I fail in explaining the workings of and the lifestylelinking open source project .  Probably for many reasons, the wisdom of crowds is counter intuitive for those just finding out about the idea, my choices of words or examples, the unknownness that its use might be bringing to the world/society.  Any how, the title of this post is the closest and shortest words I have found to date to capture the essence of what I am up to:

Discover  information of value and wrap it to go anywhere.

98% of the effort to date has been on the discovery part.  Now, the code is extracting information of value for an individual(s) the task of making it go anywhere begins.  That starts with making it easy to use and making the data portable. A wrapper of OpendID, OAuth, OpenSocial, Activitystreams, RDFa in geek speak.  I found myself pulled to these embryonic communities during my travels to Silicon Valley.  However, I wasn’t the most enthusiastic about this focus of attention as, if no value is there, why do you need to apply, identity, data sharing, social sharing etc?  However, I have kept apace of the significant progress these communities have made and implemented their libraries and standards, it feels like the discovery of value and go anywhere are ready to be brought together.  This is still a fast moving space, it hard to know where to start as new library in one standard may require more or less work in another area.  All this change while the user needs value delivered, easily-seamlessly.  I’m still struggling to fit this multidimensional puzzle together and keep it together when I foresee so much moving.  However, learning by doing has got me thus far and I expect that will hold good in this next phase too.

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