Simon Wells   swells  at

arguments on the web how to model in code  how can nosql be used? Chose couchdb that gives flexibility

couchdb   document database

quired and index    like mapreduce  using javascript   restful  JSON API  anything that supports HTTP  e.g curl  core API

Futon buildnweb based admin console,  third party client libraries

increamental replication   bi – di rection conflict detection and resolution  personal data store for mobile data??

written erlang/OTP   language  up time just about 100%

any discrete representation of meaning   RESTful   etc

JSON objects  capture anything  text to video ie whole webpage

Key Value store

curl ip  get back jscon object parse to get access to data

runs on port  5984 only

tutorial on how to use command line and futon tool kit UI.  The basics well told.

replication  a click locals db, and or remote db or two remote dbs   (like the sound of that )

MapReduce  used in couchdb

views are special ‘design documents’  and results   json  id  key value

helper function within couchdb allow json to be parsed e.g to produce html

can work off line  couchAPP  then upload to db

don’t recommend books

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