Earth Science Station ESS

Starting the drive to build a new community constructed around the idea of an Earth Science Station. What is an earth science station ESS?

First, it is a way of life. Gareth Lisi has a notion of science hostel based on physics and surfing / kite surfing on an island in Hawaii. For me the location is the opposite weather wise, somewhere it snows 6 months of the year and winter sports and living is at the heart of the way of life. Location like Highland Scotland, Norway or BC, Canada. In terms of the science a focus more on computation, biology, crypto and Internet. Data crunching with a mission that helps the earth or life everyday

The first goal to to get one ESS starting and build an Autonomous Knowledge Network.

The physical structure of the community would be to live in balance with the local bioregion. A Winter Balance started to sketch out some ideas on the building types. This setup inspires.

As for the science, decades of work has already been put in to form the embryonic Bioregion Lifeboards and networked self tools and peer to peer networking.