Open Data Peer to Peer SODU 2020

The Scottish Open Data Unconference SODU 2020 was cancelled in March 2020 but took place online in September of that year. An unconference is all about who turns up making their own agenda for the time together. I proposed a session entitled Peer to Peer Open Data / Crypto.

The notes on the format of the open space

Open discussion

What does peer to peer or crypto mean to you?

How does open data work, different or same?

Questions on the topic?

Please add ….



Future of the web?

The discussion was held on the last day of both the Saturday and Sunday. On the Saturday one peer participated and on the Sunday three peers participated. The discussion started by listening to any understanding of peer to peer technology or bitcoin or another cryptocurrency project they may have heard of. Most had heart of bitcoin and those with a software background had the basics of cryptography but most had limited exposure to the space.

I made statement that bitcoin is the best open data project. Not only does it span hardware, software, psychology (game theory) and of course money or economics. Some peers where surprised to hear about the inclusion of game theory and how it keeps the open data honest, the bitcoin ledger or blockchain. In short an open data project that pays for itself.

Next an introduction to linked data and the peer to peer data stack engineering. Starting links were provided:

Links SOLID Content Addressing

Education getting started

This section was much more technical in nature but the peer to peer stack was compared to generally understood standard web stack. The point being made was the crypto open data community have chosen not to build on the open web stack infrastructure but to superseded it by providing new fundamental properties from its foundation. The basic comparison give was that of a URI and its know link rot problems to content addresses i.e. hashed of files and changes over time. And this concept of new decentralised ways of rebuilding are followed for DNS and by adding in cryptocurrencies to bring in new incentives around open data, privacy to indexing to payment etc.

In the remaining time, some new popular crypto language was explained, Tokenization being the discussion area of most interest.

Two useful sessions to help me improve the communication and understanding of what is going on in a space mainly associated with only money speculation or highly technical language and engineering that excludes most. Peer to Peer Data – open data being the next stage of the crypto community.

Walls Wither

Minds make walls
Clogged thinking blocks
Mortar made material
Brittle, stand upright

Landmarks earth divide
Space markers eye
Remote glen, that’s mine
Metal, barbed will abide

Seasons turn rust up
Water, ice, people defy
Stones slip
Sunlight gaps

Ticking of time
Chipping of crystal
Unwinding of wire
Memories fade, walls wither