Rebirding Book Review

What does rewilding really mean in practice? I have been on a mission to learn as much from those practising and leading the way. From my own experience walking in our local hills and comparing the hills to photos and stories passed down it is clear something is far from right with the land. I was born into an environment surrounded by grouse shooting moors. I read a couple of articles Spectator1 Spectator2 that explain the reality that confronts me every day. So, I reached out the author Ben MacDonald.

Ben informed me he has written a book on rewillding or Rebirding. This is an invaluable read. Combines a geological time perspective to practical examples and he also addresses the economics. It is bold too. Rewilding has to happen at vast scale and the temptation to manage the land by targets need to be let go. Stand back and let nature figure it out, noting this will involve the reintroduction of the right mix of animals and plants that with time will build resilient environments. Ben addresses the human side of the land equation pointing out how few people are employed in current moor management and how the economy it create limits the democratic and social inclusion of our lands.

A hopeful and ambitious book with a clear message that we can do more rewilding by standing back more and opening our the hills to a wider reach of society. Do that the economics will take care of itself.