node.js meetup at office

Overview of singly by Jeremie Miller

ACL container

Draws out architecture

connectors   CORE  Collectors

e.g to facebook  singlet talk to each part of api data model of third party

CORE  has type system sitting on top of it  JSON object   shift data back and forth and make an application make webpage

Collection  what are generic model data types e.g. for a photo  ie make flickr, fb photo queryable on the model.  High level schema in effect

Silicon Valley – University

I often joke that I am on a 4 week ‘holiday’ in Silicon Valley.  The reality is, its more like a semester at University at Phd level.  There is just so much to learn and take in, from the subject matter being spoken about to the presentation style.  Everyone around you is extremely bright and that means every person you sit next to at the start of a presentation or during a lunch time or coffee break will have something interesting to say.  My best conversations this week have happened by chance.  While the mind is getting a full workout, I’ve also managed two swims, pretty hard work but hopefully my fitness will return now the sun is shining bright.

As for the pitch for the week, what to you do?  I lead on open source project that allows an individual to data mine themselves and then share the answers.  Seems to be working well.