Testing CiviCRM

No test to more tests then API brought in lots more

Now policy to bring in test before new featured added.

Automation of testing,  replicate bug in webtest framework and then solve and test.

overview of civiCRM

started for non corporate language users / community

Built within wider CMS system Drupal, Joomla and wordpress coming soon ie  PHP open source CMS

Map integration

Payment straight into marchant bank account ie no middle man

CIVICRM keynote


Growth of downloads,  eco system,  list of implementers / consultanies growing, forums growing.  In short civi is growing.

On the code, growth of patches, and people understanding the code base.

Translation language list growing.

Who is the community?   Diversity of organisation using civicrm.


Dominic user!

Forums great way to get started.

Marketing case studies and CRM idol!

Make it happen   fund raising but feedback on features from users new features

Crowd source funding.

Don  talking about civicrm going forward:

New civicrm.org website going to be launched.  New logo, people front and centre.  User apps registered, person profile.


What about the future?

Don talk:

Make it happen

Crowd source funding and new feature generation.

wordpress used a CMS

Accounting system integration

Extend support Drupal6 adn J1.5

Consulting features:

campaign tools  petition, survey

reminders  activities and events

email capacity scale optimise

Lots drive by large use in politics space.

API V3 success   code, documentation, examples, consistency drive uptake

Forums good way to start engagement with community, quick connection ie replay

Marketing case studies and

Open source  more things to do, new features new technologies come along

How to make it easier for coders to contribute quicker and contribute early.

More community testing 2000k and needs to grow.


Domonik  user of civicrm

When buying, the researched the depth of community.  Great assets and paid world, get new recruit or employee not enaged.

Speaker likes  votebox site for of getting feedback and votes

email  dlukes @  dyslexiaaction.org.uk

Techmeetup Aberdeen August 2011

Talk one

Java generics

about getting code in right state given functionality e.g. setting up error settings to active,  array, and sub array actually checking the logic rather than just that they are arrays ie. in technical structure.

Talk two