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mightymeetup mobile talks

history of smartphones IBM1992

Andrew Sage mobile phone apps

Navigation base or view based e.g. game

Development process:

Design -> prototype -> client testing -> Wider beta testing ->

Andrew, start iphone and ports to Andriod,   some code changes but nothing major

rebuild UI   business logic

Development environment   13 Macbook Air.  all Xcode library

Bruce talk:

andry birds    100k  cost  1m dollar revenue   in game ads  and outside.

main revenue from ads but also from app store.

Tera – Wurfl    php  release of WURFL

http://wurfl.sourceforge.net  http://querymobile.com

XML library wurfl

105$ bn  market SMS  entry  e.g. xfactor

Africa   airtime    like banking  all done via SMS

ww.mobiforge.com  free book

www.mobilewebbook.com    by Cameron