realtime web aberdeen techmeetup Jan 2011

Notes taken below,  Phil has a blog post including his slides.

what is the real time web

right time web, get info. when is best

when does NOW matter?

real time PUSH technology What is the difference between push and pull

where being used e.g betting, betfair update odd, or stay wait while we do, watch tv and ipad interaction two screen experience, Number TV series

web histor

pull to push

1. start email client

2. http polling e.g. football scored fresh webpage e.g on bbc sport website still being used at twitter for its search

rendering real time data on chrome best but sill to be much improved

3. HTTP PUSH publisher subscriber model

twitter user streams with tweetdesk filter and change times on twitter api

http stream single persistent http connection
subsription make another single connection

open to any tech that can make web request and hold it open can use e.g ruby, php etc. mobile laptop any device. (even superfeedr using this now )

rss atom when new posts e.g in a new reader server to server, not to client eg. mobile desktop device but nokia have done it. problem address ip of device.


thing of the moment, bi directional can be any client and server. protocol basis

problem tcp connect handshake, proxy mess with http header thus mess up connection

Phill recommend levels of layer sockets -> pubhub -> polling or whatever ordering

datasift, reading startup twitter, info. filtering





other beacon websync, hookbox,

OOP PHP skills

In the last 3 months I have added the mind set of being a OOP (Object Orientated Programming) to my skill set.  It has been an interesting journey as the mind has lost its desire to keep everything linear in time.  In fact every time a new solution has to be found the answer can be found by breaking up the logic of the code even further, now the challenge becomes keeping all those modules co-ordinated.  Overall, I now feel a more rounded software engineer.

Entrepreneurship vision + execution (coding)

Read a quote from Jefferson that ‘vision without execution is a called a hallucination!’  Or words to that affect.  Execution is a rather fierce word, even in the ‘corporate’ was it suggests of ruthless efficiency, do what ever it takes, an object devoid of life etc.  However, we are in 2011, we are now wiser, social connections abound, other humans matter all the time, ideas have a lowering barrier before they get seeded into the world.  So, maybe, vision and make real is a better tag line for today.