mightmeetup aberdeen Dec 2010


non-blocking      get from data base   takes time   how long to wait?  Node, shouldn’t take time, always be ready to do.

no loop  its eventy –   everything is a callback   order things happen is not a worry.



does more the css

cloudy   almost assumes that basis

Ian Istred

Web fonts

forntsquirrel.com   automates the text formatting for you.  Ian recommends

Scott Graham

1.  listen to client  to  sell them tech.
2.  get on the phone for the key information
3.  honesty and integrity
4.  be prepared to say NO.  Set limits,  quick and easy changes all the time
5.  value your time and input

Last speaker

Kevin Mitchell  @mitchinator

re animated the web

past gif   or flash

The future

lots of device and lots of bandwidth range means  …   we should look at… . . .

jQuery – excellent tool

css3  css animation and trsformations