The Power of Pull – book review

The Power of Pull is the latest book I have read.  I would not normally buy and read a business book but this book was recommend by a close friend, a fellow participant in the movement contributing to the Attention Economy.  The three Authors have a long history of authoring influential books focusing on the impact the Internet has on business.  Straight of the bat, this book does not read like a business book, it would be equally happy sitting on the self help guide shelf in a library.  This is not a criticism, it is very much to its credit.  The future is all about the individual, most chapters of the book are devoted to guiding individual to get a “return on their attention.”

Two chapters can be described as self help guides for business and organisations but 80% of the volume of that content is on the individual.  The authors conclude they don’t see the end of business, changed yes but still there.  I would liked to have seen them be bold enough to conclude this will be outcome.  All their evidence and models point clearly to this conclusion.

The BIG SHIFT sets the scene, a digital, internet based attention economy resulting in sustained innovation, not a one of structural shift, a permanent state of uncertainty.  This in itself is not a bad thing, but it is for the current way the economy does business.  What about the topics explored?  Well, many of those familiar to myself, I’ve written about them on my blog. Collaboration and the concept of a collaboration curve is central to geting a return on attention.  The book is very practical on how to achieve this.  Often this is missing but as best the authors can show pre this being ‘the future norm’ then the examples and observation support their three stage process for individuals to manage their attention.

The examples given come from people following their passions.  Those already equipped to live in an Attention Economy.  I would have liked to see the authors take some future white space and devote a few pages to world they see tomorrow but not being done today.  They allude to this by noted most human effort goes into none standard changes to products and services.  This is the soil, in my view, for creating a mass product personalization capability for everything.  In old school words, mass economies of scale but for non-homogeneous products and services.

The book articulates where we are now and were we are heading at a fast and increasing pace.  Personally the book has provided me with great material to show the seamless join from an economy based on a monetary currency to one based on Attention.  I’d recommend you read it, that is every individual.

integrated information = consciousness

A friend retweeted a link to this article and I am glad they did.  The article is about a theory of consciousness based upon measuring ‘integrated information’ in the human brain. The logic of theory states  that consciousness is achieved when the brain has a network of neurons integrating information.  While some experiments have been researched, the race is now on to create other experiments that would allow us to measure consciousness in much they same way we measure our weight or blood pressure.  A question, what will be the unit of measurement?  If integrated information is being measured, then information is being measured,  what is the measurement unit of information?   The same question at the heart of the lifestylelinking open source project.

Good to know at least one other person is thinking about this question.