Positive Prevention: A definition

health2.0 has come a long way from the first sessions held on it within barcamp and mashupcamp unconferences.  health2.0 for me is a vision about prevention.  I don’t think I have had a go at writing a definition of prevention and while I have been thinking about how to express my vision in words, I found this video from a TED conference, entitled, Positive Psychology.

Martin Seligman in his presentation talks about how historically psychology was seen in the context of disease.  Just like when we say healthcare today, we assume a patient, more often than not with chronic disease.  Of course non-patients can live prevention, Positive Prevention.

Right now, Prevention is used in the context of ‘disease prevention’.  It is better in life not to get cancer, diabetes, heart disease, alzheimer’s etc.  The next prevailing assumption is that to prevent we need to be ‘missing out’ on what you enjoy in life.  Prevention is not always seen in a positive light.

It should not be this way.  Positive Prevention is about lifestyle maximization, living the life we individually want to live and using information on the impacts of those choices to minimize any negatives that may arise in the immediate, short or long term.