choices takes a long time

Looking or searching for a product can take a long time, especially if you have an image or ideas in your head to match too.  It can be as simple as wanting a specific color.  You google search, ebay, the choices, back to google to find jewellery websites or specialist watch retailers or the manufacturers site.  It a matching in efficiency. Times ticks on.

Personalizing a product takes time but we will soon get to a stage where the time is less than time to do all the above activities.  There is an extra bonus too, the cost will be lower.  All the choice equals an inventory (stock) levels to be high.  Aggregate across a whole industry and the totals are massive and those are paid for in the price of each product.  Time in personalization will pass in expressing the ideas in your head and gaining the full picture of the product but those will be automatically brought to the user as they control the making of their product, a personalized product.