lifestyle linking navigation

The current lifestyle linking UI has three navigation spaces.

Top:, me, community, create, help.    Along with Signin/out to my account/profile for update details etc.

me is the start UI interface

community: lists the communities I am lifestyle linking with.

Create: start creating a new product, from enter lifestyle context to product features, select manufactuer to community management to purchase to delivery.

Start Lifestyle linking: enter new lifestyle at any time, text or link to upload RSS, lifestream feed etc.

Context Navigation: A start page has three core features,  aboynejames home, P-Products, quick access to all product I have personalized, summary on what the personalization is to price/delivery etc. and VRM (vendor relationship managment) (the opposite of CRM, customer relationship management, probably need to call VRM some thing else. As the name emplies this list the business used by the account holder.

I have not nailed the workings of this fully but you get the idea, should be able to navigate to all levels.  Also, includes link to Personalization Settings (maybe should be included in profile settings?)

lifestyle linking User Interface

lifestylelinking UI

In this account, individual aboynejames, has 6 lifestyles already added. Every day or at any second you want to log in, the lifestyle linking service will bring back a list of products that you have already personalized or suggest products that could be personalized by the individual. Even if the product has already been personally made, your lifestyle may have evolved / changed so the next time you want to purchase it, the personalized features of the product can be updated.

Lets go through the columns:

Date: Today or could be any date, past or future where that lifestyle is going to take place.

Importance: This is at the heart of lifestyle linking. Click on the chart icon to get more substance on the importance rating.

Lifestyle: This summaries the lifestyle, for aboynejames these are sport related but they could be anything. In fact it is important to get the best from lifestyle linking that as much context is provided. This is what the me column comes in, more on that next but if you were to click on the lifestyle column heading you get aboynejames lifestream and if you click on the lifestyle that becomes the context for the whole interface e.g. swimming lists all products in context of swimming.

me: A summary of the lifestyle context, this will be automatically extracted from your lifestyle stream or manually create with the tools by the individual. The context for aboynejames swimming.

Lifestyle magazine: Aggregates together a webpage that would be equivalent of buying personalized copy of special interest magazine. (some thing for futher down the line our plugin service from third party more likely)

Outcome: Given you have personalized a product, did those personalizations work? Feedback rating including star rating to biostats (real time monitoring of health).

Product: Click on this link to see the product in detail and be able to personalize and manage community to make.

Price: current price to buy now, click to link to (early days link to amazon/ebay/other ecommerce apis)

Community Members: How many people support the existing of a product? This is the individuals that purchase the product and thus making is economic for the product to be made.

Creator: Who created the product, for the energy bar, aboynejames made the spec. them self. Other product he as used the personalized processes set up by others. In the end, all products will be made by the account holder using templates of other members, receiving and paying dividends for their use.

lifestyle linking demo site

I have come to learn the best way to take a vision and its idea is to express it in a demo site. Over the years my skills have developed, starting with paper sketches (I still do some) became graphic images and now interactive demos on a wiki or web pages. Every year the demos have become more detailed and the most detailed demo I have ever built is for lifestyle linking .

This is the gate way to the service.  This start page will evolve and hopefully look better too.  The basic of the User Interface (UI) are:

A text box,  type in your lifestyle e.g. swimming and press ‘Start lifestyle linking’ button.  I know this lifestyle will output one result.  What is lifestyle linking?  this link explains.   The next post will focus in more detail on the user experience and value of service to an individuals use of the website that has signed-in.

software language html, css, javascript, php, mysql, apache

These are the development languages I have a grasp of.  Current status on the web development side is competent while, php, mysql and apache and javascript, its early days.  I am self taught, peer learning from those that have authored tutorials online in forums or blogs or on their own development organization website.  The open source nature of this community has made my learning possible and learning by doing has been my moto.

WP plugs in’s

The Sphere plug-in install was straight forward and is working, excellent.

I see two WP and other blog/social network plugs-ins, one for the individual, and one for a business. The truth is, in a world of peer production the distinction between the two dissolve. The individuals plug-in will take this functionality to the individuals blog. More on these plug in later when my coding skills are up to that.