Good Local Food

I have knocked up this site, local good food to put together some of the new coding skills I have acquired.  The site allows you to find local food in Grampain Region, in Scotland.

Improvements, the drop down list to select market, could do with one the allows to search all of Grampain.

The sql query is pretty primitive and will need improved.

All in all with a few more products added, this service is taking shape.

Primative experience demo

The core ideas of lifestyle linking are presented in this demo.

Type in a word or multiple words and click on Start lifestyle linking button.  There is only six or seven products to link to but you get the feel if you click on the price, to get to website of product or click on the product to start personalizing (This only works for the energy bar, to see that type in the word swimming ).

code to write

Objective:  lifestyle linking whisky app.

website.  text, rss, lifestream input, bring back list of whisky based upon an indivdual lifestyle, could be to e.g. relax, or match taste choices, prestiege etc.

create plug in widget for wordpress, other blog platforms.

turn into facebook/opensocia app.

I’ll set up an online location for the code and then this open source project should be ready for a start.

learning from open source projects

Here are the list of open source project I am learning from and have been part of :

Socialtext OPEN    Been a user of this for a couple of years now.

WordPress   Started and now have own local and online install i.e. this blog.

Drupal:  Got this install but still struggling to customise

Clamwin:   I use for  anti virus

And Elgg,  an open source social network,  people aggregator are opensource too but I have not looked at their code.

So, I need a place on  and website/wiki to host code, build, manage project etc.

Personalized products/websites

Here are a list of my favorite personalization websites:

CrushPadWine Online community create wine, soil, plant to bottling and selling.

mymuesli order your breakfast cereal with the ingredients you select.

The label of your own whisky, BrandedWhisky.

T shirts, lots to choose from to   others.

Tables etc.  with

These service give the individual the ability to create personalized products.  What lifestyle linking would provide the individuals in these services with is the information to make decision that maximise the life outcomes.  For example: which wine would I like the best or make me relax best?  Which muesli is best before going swimming?  Which whisky label makes my gift most treasured?  What T-shirt, how will the fabric effect my skin?   What height of table will best match my mobilty?

Only a community will have the information to these questions.  As we individually don’t have enough time to live through all the potential options.

Setting development milestones

The ideas have been expressed in a series of blog posts.   Out there for review, feedback, additions, further ideas etc.

The development milestones to be addressed are listed on the road map.  Out of all of these the ones I am investigating/learning around are:

registration and signin, password recovery etc.  Propose to use the wordpress platform,  this is too advanced for me to fully understand right now but that is the goal.

Start lifestyle linking: either key in words or upload url, rss or lifestream. Got a basic service operational but need to improve mysql query to the lifestyle linking query, out put results in a table view, with interaction like ebay columns.

Individuals need businesses

Most of the manufacturing is done by businesses in todays economy. The individuals using lifestyle linking need to interact with them. Likewise, the business need to manage their product creation with the lifestyle linkings community. Business can do so from the business Dashboard.

This interface summaries the ideas coming in from the community, the samples the community are testing out and the Personalized production processes in preparation or in production or ready for delivery.

The dashboard allow for navigation to:

Setup a manufacturing process they can undertake, from ingredients to processing to packaging etc.

Blog about thier business in the context of personalized product creation.

Interact with the community within and out with lifestyle linking.

Summary of all personalized products made.

Personalized products

This UI, contains a list of the account holders personalized products in the context of swimming.

The personalization product could be for:

energybar:  swimmer may require different type of energy depending on before, after(recovery) competition day, time of year, type of training, general health status.

energy drink:  similar to above.

shampoo:  dna gives hair dryness etc.  lots of swimming give chemical pollution, cholrine to break down.  Need one that does both with out compromising on performance of product or damage hair.

breakfast cereal:  before training, over all sustained energy release.

swimming googles:  weathe I am training indoor or out, eye sight quality, competion seamline or training comfort, stay on when diving in etc.

Organic juices:  which ones to drink while swimming or after to soak up freeradicals?

Wash powder: specialized for swimming trunks etc. and to help remove chlorine from towls or to help towel remove chlorine while drying etc.

Lifestyle linking Personalization

Individuals that use lifestyle linking are choosing to do so improve their lifestyle choices and life outcomes. Those are the goals.

Individuals with the power of lifestyle linking can find and create communities that provide the answers to the lifestyle choices and life outcomes questions. Given we have the answers we need to do something with them, in this case create a personalized product.

Energy Bar example:

This is the second most important user interface to be developed. It needs to allow an individual to create all the things that need to happen to deliver a personalized product to their door ready for consumption. What all needs to be managed?

Creation and management of the Product, Community and Businesses.

The Product:What ingredients to how made, these user interfaces are used (nb. the business author these too) and the lifestyle linking will suggest the ingredients to use, packing, size, even processes, etc.

The Community: Initially, it is unlikely that all business will be able to create a one of product run (that will be the norm real soon) so their may be minimum order levels to reach. This UI allows individuals to opt in to support your personalized product as it is a close match to their own needs. The price will allow be dymanic as ‘communities’ of scale reduce the average cost per bar.

The community of individuals will not reside in one social network or website.  So, the individual needs the tools to create social apps./widgets they can use.

The Businesses: The individual needs to use the supply chain abilities of many businesses. The individual needs to be able to know what business are capable of fullfilling their requirement and physical location may also be a factor given the type of product/green concerns etc. Delivery of the personalized product may be different from the business doing the manufacturing.

lifestyle linking & importance

As indicated in an earlier blog posting describing the lifestyle linking table columns, importance is at the heart of the service.

Lets take a look at the account holder, aboynejames swimming-energy bar importance:

Importance is this instance is presented in a chart form where the account holder has selected to chart three core importance context-es:

‘me’: the account holder

swimming community: all those lifestyle linking has suggest are linked.

All in the community: all those participating in lifestyle linking.

What is this chart saying?

Well, it is a story of time.  To the swimming community, this energy bar is always very important. While to the whole community, its not so important but give wellbeing/health is become of greater importance to the main stream we see this shown up in the gradual up swing in that chart line.  That leaves, the account holder or ‘me’ line on the chart.  This is my personal story and it varies a lot in importance?  Why?  For long periods of time I do not swim or train at a completitive leves but at other times, I am training really hard and for sustain periods of time.  Thus this products importance fluctuates.  Its not to say, I don’t eat and energy bar, its just that the personalized characteristics won’t be the same at all times.  Infact, even when I am training, before or after training the ingredients of the bar may change.  And guess what, while I am swimming, their are lots of other things going on in my life that need to be taken into account.