the natural evolution of artificial

Artificial Intelligence.  A meme that is rising up the news ranks in the last couple of years, from news articles to being a venture capitalist sweet spot, to blockbuster movies etc.  The word artificial some how seems to mean, unnatural, un-human and attracts a lot of negativity.  This thinking drummed into our current ‘cultural education’ system or outlook.  However, I watched the BBC series, How We Got to Now with Steven Johnson,  Steven used the word artificial time and time again with the two main times jumping out to me was artificial light and artificial cold, that is ice to me and you.

Artificial cold, fridges to air conditioning, artificial heat, cooking to central heating, and artificial light, street lighting to fiber optics.  Artificial is with us everyday, through every season,  every year.  It only seems natural that artificial will be applied to intelligence and that it too will be with us everyday of every season, maybe forever.


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