Body Shapes the Mind – bsf Aberdeen Uni.

First theme of British Science Festival for me was The Body Shapes The Mind.  Photo to follow.  Summary notes

Tuesday 4th September 2012.
body shapes the mind taks aberdeen uni.
talk 1
we don’t know a lot about the mind, we think, we have little experiments, some logic linked with a miracle to some logic over here #bsf2012
talk 2
dark and light colour brightness to words   male free male   diet coke  coke zero
emotion building block used for abstract thinking.  More mature emotional ability ‘easier’ to learning
learning linked to action.  Action can be physical or computer,  increases inference to connect.
action key to learning.

node.js meetup at office

Overview of singly by Jeremie Miller

ACL container

Draws out architecture

connectors   CORE  Collectors

e.g to facebook  singlet talk to each part of api data model of third party

CORE  has type system sitting on top of it  JSON object   shift data back and forth and make an application make webpage

Collection  what are generic model data types e.g. for a photo  ie make flickr, fb photo queryable on the model.  High level schema in effect

Silicon Valley – University

I often joke that I am on a 4 week ‘holiday’ in Silicon Valley.  The reality is, its more like a semester at University at Phd level.  There is just so much to learn and take in, from the subject matter being spoken about to the presentation style.  Everyone around you is extremely bright and that means every person you sit next to at the start of a presentation or during a lunch time or coffee break will have something interesting to say.  My best conversations this week have happened by chance.  While the mind is getting a full workout, I’ve also managed two swims, pretty hard work but hopefully my fitness will return now the sun is shining bright.

As for the pitch for the week, what to you do?  I lead on open source project that allows an individual to data mine themselves and then share the answers.  Seems to be working well.

data abstraction – phpuk2012

Do not assume will have same db for whole life of application.

socorro  mozilla project.

separate data use from data retrieval

build middle ware to map.

Domain Modeling   rather than  Insert update, delete

Want, need,  data represent.

Modeling the future is hard but you should at least try, planning ahead key.

Data stores will be decentralized and they will take care of the storage but you still need the model abstraction metaphor hand remote storage e.g. games on

process northern lights conference

Ensemble  suit  code

built and check

then email out  including  end customer, marketing, support, training.

automation the ‘manual stuff’


how to best get the code deployed live

data processing unconference phpnw11

electron delivery vehicals  2500 data points  per vechical,   real time data collection when they are on

US dept. gave 32 million dollar to collect the data to learn about energy use

uses  stormMQ  as queuing system.

realtime use batter use  charge, location

rapid large batch very quickly

DBA  human working on mysql,  each truck has own data base  and cluster of dbs in cloud

call data to UI  10 20 seconds a page,  used caching to improve

If too much data coming in, or has not change they will not insert to save.  But then has to write code to fill the gaps with values

good talk


History of REST

Constraints are a good thing

REST is an architecture  not a plugin


1.  scale

2. general UI

3. Independent component



Client save server

Stateless (never store anything server side)


Layersystem  (allow to put in intermediaries eg. load balancing, caching  is to help scale.)

Code on demand  ()

Uniform interface (4 guiding principals  a, uri, )

URL to access e.g media type get back url to get one pint on api to the next)

http   browser identifies what comes back.  could be html2 to 5

Versioning:  web does not matter on the web  but make sure the links are still valid.

Testing CiviCRM

No test to more tests then API brought in lots more

Now policy to bring in test before new featured added.

Automation of testing,  replicate bug in webtest framework and then solve and test.